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Liza's Lids 

Sharing strength, support and encouragement

Why Donate Today

Imagine losing your hair from undergoing treatment for cancer – or your mother, sister, daughter or friend. We rely ENTIRELY on voluntary donations from people like you to help women who have lost their hair from undergoing treatment, keep their self-esteem and regain their self-confidence.

General Donations will help support our goal of improving the self-esteem and quality of life for people undergoing treatment for cancer. We appreciate all contributions.

Honorary Donation-Donations can also be made in honor of someone. Maybe you know someone (mother, Aunt, sister or friend) who survived Breast Cancer.

Memorial Donation-Donations can be made in memory of someone. 

Donation by Check-If you would prefer to make a donation by check, please make it payable to Liza's Lids and mail to:

Liza's Lids

PO Box 9752

Silver Spring , Maryland 20916

Office/ Messages 301-598-7748 

Liza‘s Lids of Montgomery County, Maryland Non-profit Foundation not-for–profit organization. We will mail you out a receipt for tax purposes on all donations.  

Liza's is entirely supported by private (individual, corporate and charity) contributions.

We Appreciate Your Generosity